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Voltorb Flip - Helper / Solver


P = points
V = voltorbs

  11188515 calculations since Mar-16-2010


?: Spot most likely to contain points
B: Bomb, do not pick this spot, it contains a bomb!
X: Spot contains either 1 or a Bomb, should be ignored
.(period): Means nothing, just filler


This is the voltorb flip helper.
How it works: insert the values you get in game, the points and the voltorbs in each row/column. Solve any rows with 0 voltorbs and key those in as well.
This is not perfect, it will try to calculate the best choice guess that has the least risk associated with it.
It will put a '?' in this square, this space is the most probable space to contain a point. If there are multiple ?'s, then those squares have the same amount of risk associated with it.
After you choose a square in game (any one you want, you don't have to use the helper's suggestions) key them in and recalculate.
Best of luck, and I mean that. This game cannot be calculated perfectly.


Aug-08-2016 11:10 PM => Minor text fixes

Mar-17-2010 3:56 PM => Improved Bomb detection on nearly completed rows